The Upstairs Room

This is the title track to my upcoming album, The Upstairs Room. I chose this as the second single because I felt it was one of the tracks that best represented the overall themes and ideas behind the album. The title has a dual meaning to it. It represents the room where I recorded these songs and it also represents the “room” in your mind. Your thoughts, feelings, desires, regrets, people from the past, etc, and how sometimes you can feel trapped in your own mind. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy it.


I stand motionless
Fear consumes me
It’s just a feeling
I get sometimes
When I’m alone
In the upstairs room

I pace as I think of you
Always with me
Your cold fingers gripped around my neck
It’s dark in here
It’s too dark in here

Come and find me in the upstairs room
Come and ignore me in the upstairs room
Come and save me from the upstairs room
Come and save me from the upstairs room

released October 16, 2020
Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals: Zadar
Artwork: kateniki
Mixed/Mastered: SuperiorAudio