From its inception in January of 2020, ZADAR has released three scathing Post-Punk | Gothic Rock singles off of the band’s upcoming debut album, The Upstairs Room.

Their sound encapsulates the early 80s Post-Punk and Gothic Rock sound but with a unique twist as only ZADAR can provide.

The artists who influenced ZADAR the most would have to be The Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, New Order, and Glynn McCann, a local Philly artist whose DIY ethic was a big inspiration to this project as well. Antonio’s been listening to these bands and artists for so long that they’ve become part of who he is. There are also a lot of newer bands that have carried on the Post-Punk and Gothic Rock genres that have had an effect on him as well that are worth mentioning, such as Drab Majesty, Interpol, She Past Away, and early Editors.

Antonio G feels compelled to have music in his life. Music has been his passion from an early age, although he didn’t start taking music lessons until later on in life. Playing music helps him clear his head and gives him a sense of satisfaction at having created something. Not only is music fun but it’s helped Antonio get through some tough times and he is forever grateful to the bands he loves for helping him get to the other side in one piece.

Antonio G, the founder and main songwriter/performer in ZADAR has been active professionally since January of 2020 and has accumulated numerous reviews, press articles, interviews, playlist additions, and radio/podcast plays since the bands’ inception less than two years ago based on the strength of their first three singles; Alien Being – Single Version, The Upstairs Room, and Crimson Pain. Antonio is currently looking to recruit like-minded musicians into his band to help bring the songs on ZADAR’s upcoming debut LP to life via live performances.